The BRICS Cultural Festival, one of important supporting activities of the 9th  BRICS Summit, will be held in Xiamen from September 15th to 22nd. 
The event is hosted by the Ministry of Culture and organised by the China Arts and Entertainment Group and Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio-film-television, Press and Publication. 
Under the theme of "Celebrating Culture and Bridging Hearts,” the festival will invite 210 artists from the BRICS countries to take part in over 30 events, including concerts, exhibitions, workshops, master classes, and film screenings.
During the cultural festival, Xiamen citizens can attend a BRICS Photo Exhibition and a BRICS Painting Exhibition, enjoy the BRICS Night of Ballet, the BRICS Singers’ Concert, the “Sound of Kulangsu” Piano Concert, and a BRICS Gala Evening of National Dances for free. 
Schedule of Performances, Exhibitions and Films 
I: Performances & Shows
1. BRICS Night of Ballet
Date: September 15
Location: Xiamen Art Theatre
2. BRICS Singers’ Concert
Date: September 16
Location: Kulangsu Concert Hall
3. “Sound of Gulangyu” Piano Concert
Date: September 17
Location: Xiamen Hongtai Music Hall
4. BRICS Gala Evening of National Dances
Date: September 18
Location: Xiamen Little Egret Art Center
II: Exhibitions
1. BRICS Painting Exhibition
Date: September 15 – 22
Location: Xiamen Art Gallery
2. BRICS Photo Exhibition 
Date: September 15 – 22
Location: Xiamen Art Gallery
III: BRICS Film Screenings
Date: September 15 – 16
Location: Xiamen Bona International Cineplex, Xiamen Zhonghua Cinema, Xiamen Huli Wanda & IMAX, Xiamen Jimei Wanda & IMAX
1. Where Has Time Gone (BRICS co-production)
2. Soulmate (China)
3. The Second Mother (Brazil)
4. Nise: The Heart of Madness (Brazil)
5. Ayanda and the Mechanic (South Africa)
6. Panfilov's 28 Men (Russia)
7. Kaasav: Turtle (India)
[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]