Officials from Xiamen Municipal Commission of Tourism Development and Fujian Provincial Commission of Tourism Development announce the opening of the Xiamen Tourism Culture Industrial Park on Oct 17 in Xiamen, Fujian province. [Photo/]
Xiamen Tourism Culture Industrial Park was opened on Oct 17, integrating culture, tourism and creative industries.
The first tourism-oriented industrial park in China is expected to follow the integrated development trend in the tourism industry, according to Xiao Ping, manager of Xiamen Tourism Group.
With construction starting in 2015, the park covers 6,400 square meters and consists of four major areas, including office buildings, a tourism and cultural creation area, a tourism product exhibit area and service area, which can accommodate over 30 enterprises.
At opening, the park's occupancy rate exceeds 95 percent.
Six cooperation agreements were signed between the industrial park and tourism enterprises during the opening ceremony, including the Xiamen Tower project, special car service, and tourism cooperation with Shicheng county, in Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province.
Over 5 billion yuan ($75.5 million) will be invested in the Xiamen Tower project, integrating broadcasting, sightseeing, movie and television culture experiences, ocean culture experiences, conferences, and exhibitions.
The to-be-built 520-meter-tall radio and television tower will become the highest transmission tower in Xiamen and the second highest in China. It will be joined by a love-themed square, a theme park and supporting facilities.
The head of the industrial park said that they will strive to innovate tourism themes, projects, products and ways of experiencing local life to create the park's own cultural tourism brand.