The 2017 Xiamen Haicang International Half Marathon is set to take place on Nov 25.
With the slogan of "healthy marathon and vigorous Haicang", the race, as one of the supporting activities for the 2017 Cross-Straits Lottas event which started on Sept 26, is aimed at promoting cross-Straits exchanges in sports and showing Haicang's vitality and happiness.
Some 18,000 runners have signed up for the race which starts at Haicang Avenue – one of Xiamen's most beautiful streets.
The biggest difference between this year's race and last is that the runners will be divided into two groups with a 10-minute difference between starting times.
In order to make sure that all the participants are suitable, the organizing committee has arranged physical examinations.
The top 300 male runners and top 150 female runners will automatically qualify for the 2019 Xiamen Marathon.
Runners are ready to run the marathon at the 2016 Xiamen Haicang International Half Marathon held in Xiamen's Haicang district, Fujian province on Dec 10. [Photo/]