The Xiamen Central Blood Bank is facing a blood shortage and has issued an urgent call for eligible citizens to donate blood or platelets as soon as possible.
Recently, the increasing numbers of clinical patients are stimulating the demand for platelets, especially the group A and O platelets, according to the Xiamen Central Blood Bank.
Healthy people have plenty of platelets and the donated platelets will be replaced after 48-72 hours. The recovery time is far shorter than it is for whole blood donations.
A new sterile set (needle and tubing) is used for each donor and sets are never re-used, so it is impossible to catch any viral infection during the donation procedure, said a staff of the blood center.  
Where to donate:
1. Xiamen Central Blood Bank
Add: No.121, Hubin Nan Road, Siming District (beside the Zhongshan Hospital)
2. Jimei Blood Donation Station
Add: No.566, Shengguang Road, Jimei District (in the Xiamen No.2 Hospital)
Tel: 0592-2296787/6061778