An integrative field test machine for coronavirus will undergo clinical testing, according to the developer, China's Xiamen University. 
The machine has passed the internal test, and registration work is underway, said Li Qingge, a professor of the School of Life Science under Xiamen University, in east China's Fujian Province. Li heads the research team. 
Li's team has successfully developed the novel coronavirus armored RNA standards, virus lysis and nucleic acid preservation tubes, in addition to the virus nucleic acid extraction kit. 
"The coronavirus armored RNA standards are a good choice for virus nucleic acid extraction kits' quality control because of its stability and similar structure with the coronavirus," Li said. "The virus lysis and nucleic acid preservation tubes help tackle the problem of preservation and transportation."
Li and his team have cooperated with a local biotech company to expand production. On Jan. 30, they donated 10,000 coronavirus armored RNA standards and 20,000 virus lysis and nucleic acid preservation tubes to disease control centers and hospitals.