A Xiamen medical team left for Wuhan yesterday to join the fight against the novel coronavirus . 
The ten-member team  is the second batch of medical personnel from the city. On January 26,  17 doctors and nurses from major Xiamen hospitals joined Fujian's 135-member medical team to aid Wuhan, carrying with them 7,500 shoe covers, 5,000 disposable hats, 5,000 masks, 20,000 gloves and protective suits. 
A total of 6,097 medical staff on 52 teams from all across China rushed to aid Wuhan in January. 
The medical staff of the previous Xiamen medical team are currently working in novel coronavirus control and protection work at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan. A number of female medical workers cut their hair short to facilitate wearing protective suits. A second batch of medical supplies was delivered to Wuhan upon the request of Xiamen team.
Translated by Vivian Zhang   
Source:Common Talk