Li Xiaoping, director of the foreign affairs office of Xiamen, Fujian province (XMFAO) met with delegates from the city's South Korean chamber of commerce on July 16 to update them about the latest preferential policies for companies amid the COVID-19 outbreak and learn about South Korean companies' operations in the city.
Li said that cooperation between Chinese and South Korean people in fighting the epidemic has set a good example for other countries. He also thanked South Korean people living in Xiamen for their support for the city's battle against the virus.
As the epidemic subsides in Xiamen, the local government has introduced a series of measures to help companies resume operations and accelerate economic recovery.
Li said that XMFAO will continue improving its services for South Korean companies in the city and facilitate stronger communication to ensure that the office can provide timely and targeted support.
Byun Ho-sik, chairman of the chamber, supported Li's idea of setting up a regular communication mechanism between XMFAO and South Korean companies. He said that it will help boost the growth of South Korean companies in Xiamen.
He also stated that many South Korean people in Xiamen have been living in the city for decades and consider it a home away from home.
Local South Korean companies have been working to upgrade and transform their business models, and those engaged in the manufacture of leisure products have seen a significant increase in sales.
"This growth has given them full confidence in the development of Xiamen and will attract more foreign-funded companies to the city," said Byun Ho-sik.