Linxia Hui autonomous prefecture was one of the 75 poverty-stricken counties in Northwest China's Gansu province, but thanks to the pairing-up support mechanism between China's western and eastern regions launched by the central government, it finally eliminated poverty in 2018.
The coastal city of Xiamen in East China's Fujian province began offering help to Linxia in 2010, which has significantly boosted progress for the county in various fields and helped prevent it from falling back into the clutches of poverty.  
An array of activities has been held to promote Linxia's agricultural products, and an e-commerce service center was set up to promote consumer-driven poverty alleviation.
According to statistics released by Linxia's bureau of commerce, Xiamen has helped Linxia sell 118 million yuan ($16.9 million) worth of local products to date, which has greatly expanded sales channels for local produce and increased farmer incomes.
Huang Heming, director of the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that a long-term effective cooperation mechanism has been set up between the two places, and Xiamen will help the city promote the development of the agricultural product processing industry, form its own brand, increase the added value of agricultural products, and promote the transformation and upgrading of local agriculture.
Huang added that Xiamen will offer Linxia high-quality investment projects, make further efforts to reduce poverty by boosting employment and industrial development, and help the county emerge from poverty with the help of education, resources and skill training.