The 17th China Xiamen International Stone Fair has opened at the Xiamen Conference & Exhibition Centre and will last till Mar. 9. The fair enjoys a high reputation as a top-quality global stone exhibition. Over 2,000 enterprises coming from 56 countries and regions will take part in the event, which is predicted to attract 150,000 professional purchasers from 148 countries and regions.
The fair is sponsored by Xiamen Conference & Exhibition Group Inc. and Xiamen Jinhongxin Exhibition Co., Ltd. and managed by Xiamen Jinhongxin Exhibition Co., Ltd.
This year’s fair, like the previous sixteen others, remains world leading in scale. The fair will house 9,300 standard booths that will cover the entire area of the exhibition centre, which including 23 exhibition rooms. The fair is divided into four areas: domestic stone, mechanical devices, an international room and an outdoor room.
The organising committee have increased the area set aside for mechanical devices which, this year, is attracting high-grade manufactures who will bring their core products to the exhibition. According to statistics, the total figures for  mechanical enterprises increases 13.6%.
After 17 years, The China Xiamen International Stone Fair has become an essential event for industry professionals.
The exhibitors from Turkey, Italy, Brazil, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, India, Iran, France and Pakistan have come as usual. Additionally, many new members have shown up this year. “Some highly-qualified enterprises from the USA, Canada, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Angola, Australia, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Burma and Cambodia will come to the fair for the first time, accounting for 21.2% of the new exhibitors.” said the sponsor.
So far, the number of advance internet bookings made by international visitors has risen by 15.98% on last year, and there is a 25.12% increase in domestic visitors. “It is estimated that there will be 150,000 visitors from 148 countries and regions, the majority of whom will be property purchasers and engineering companies.” according to the sponsor.
It is known that more than 30 professional group purchasers from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and elsewhere will attend. Among them are representatives from Malaysia and Sudan, for the first time. The delegations from USA, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Thailand and Cambodia have increased the number of their representatives from between 40% to 200%.
Groups of domestic visitors also also showing a 10% increase on last year, including 50 stone associations, 25 property associations, more than 10 stone material industries, and about 30 associations of landscape designers, architectural engineers, interior designs and design institutes. What’s more, seven hotel suppliers and more than ten professional magazines will also join.
The global stone material meeting has become a highlight of the fair that can not be missed. A number of top architects, experts and mainstream media will come to Xiamen to publicise the new trends on show, new techniques and gain first-hand information.
Over 40 speeches will be given by around 50 guests from 12 countries including, Zhang Yonghe, China’s most famous leading architect, the first class sculptor Darrell Petit, Filippo Gobbin, the owner of the most advanced 3D print technology from Italy, ten experts from the MIA + BSI natural stone association, three professionals from the Stone Chamber of Commerce of the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce and many others.