The West-Taiwan-Strait Auto Expo 2017 concluded on May 15. The expo attracted 87 automobile brands and 174 merchants from across the auto industry. The total sales of new cars rose to 4573 or 842 million yuan.
The West-Taiwan-Strait Auto Expo, which is sponsored by the China Federation of Machinery Industry and organised by the Xiamen Automobile Circulation Association, had the theme “Let Fashion Rage Your Dream”. There were ten exhibition rooms in total, covering a whole area of 75,000 square meters. The average daily sales exceeded 200 million yuan.
It was a great opportunity for all auto dealers to attract Xiamen residents and buy their products. Most of the auto brands stepped up promotions, presenting several preferential policies. The level of these vehicles discounts was more than 10,000 yuan on average, and with some luxury brands, prices were even cut by several tens of thousands of yuan.
“We met seven or eight groups of consumers each day,” said Li Zheng, the manager of Guangqi Honda (Xiamen Jishang). “As the manger, I can be more effective and be more persuasive when negotiating a deal.” 
A number of brands still showed their promotions and preferential sales in the exhibition, in spite of the close of the Auto Expo. “We did not manage to come here until the end of the expo, we were luck enough that we could still enjoy the privileged terms when we head to the 4S shop directly,” Ms Huang said to the reporter.  
Some sales consultants would pay a return visit to their consumers who left their information during the expo. “The preferential policy still works if the order is valid,” they said.
Some mainstream automobile brands will provide special offers from this Saturday, for example, Buick, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Geely, etc. Residents may  gain access to  cost-effective vehicles and  gifts.