Xiamen International Conference Center was open to the public last Sunday. As the main venue of the 9th BRICS Summit , the center still holds the public’s attention and attracted a large number of local people and tourists on the first open day.
Zhang Hechuan, a local from Tong’an District, was taking photos in the conference hall with a selfie stick in one hand. Very excited, he told reporters that he got up at 6 in the morningin order to see the hall earlier than others. He is a retired sailor who has traveled all over the world, but Xiamen is always his favorite. “I will post these pictures on my WeChat Moment to share with my friends,” he said.
“The wall is very beautiful. I have to take pictures of it and enjoy them when I go home ,” said Fang Jie, a tourist from Putian City who was taking pictures in the Bailu (Egret) Hall. “The hall is well-designed. It blends Chinese elements. The lines on the wall and the wooden decorations on the air vents are both functional and beautiful,” she continued.
In the Fenghuang (Phoenix) Hall, Zhou Qiuxiang, a retired lady from Jinjiang City, was smiling at the lens with a victory gesture. She and other 50 people came to Xiamen from Jinjiang for a BRICS-themed tour.
“This is my first time to visit the venue of a grand international conference. It is different as expected. The overall design is very impressive,” she said.