China hopes to accomplish four things during the BRICS leaders meeting to be held in Xiamen, China, this September, according to Foreign Minister Wang Yi.
"BRICS is entering its second decade, and China, the holder of the presidency, will work with other BRICS countries to review its experience, plan the future, ushering the second golden decade of BRICS cooperation and provide BRICS’ help for world peace and development," said Wang.
In terms of political and security cooperation, the country will make full use of the meeting of National Security Advisers, build consensus for holding a standalone foreign ministers’ meeting, and demonstrate the strengths of BRICS cooperation to the world.
In terms of practical cooperation, China will fully implement the strategy for BRICS economic partnership, enhance policy coordination at the macro level, and complementarities of the country’s development strategies. China will also announce a number of solid cooperation initiatives, and add evermore substance to BRICS cooperation.
In terms of people-to-people exchange, China will implement the agreement of leaders, and hold a BRICS cultural festival, film festival, sports meeting, and so on. To expand all areas of people-to-people exchange and build stronger public support for BRICS cooperation.
Wang stressed that in terms of South-South cooperation, the country will explore the modality of "BRICS Plus", by holding dialogues with other major developing countries or groups of developing countries. China hopes to establish a more extensive partnership, widen the BRICS circle of friends, and turn the BRICS into the most impactful platform for South-South cooperation.
The BRICS countries are representative of the emerging economies, said Wang. Over the years, the fortunes of the BRICS may have risen or fallen, and each BRICS country faces its own challenges.
"As President Xi Jinping has pointed out, the BRICS are like five fingers, each with its own strength, but when we come together, we form a fist that can punch. As long as we stay united, the BRICS will never lose its luster, rather it will shine ever more brightly," said the minister.