The main part of the Cross-Strait Travel Service Center Project was completed and planned to be placed in operation in the latter half of next year.
“Overlook our project at Lighthouse Park or on Wuyuanwan Bridge, you can enjoy a remarkable full view. Designs of these buildings have won several prizes. Look from a distance, the seaward hotel is a curvilinear trapezoid building,”said the constructor. Before long, this place will become a shopping paradise for tourists who can also enjoy beautiful scenery and play water sports.
Located at Wutong area in northeast Xiamen, the project has an overall floorage of almost 500 thousand square meters, including a Tourism Convention and Exhibition Center, Wutong Passenger Terminal Phase III, a Cross-Strait Tourism Building, a Tourism Exposition Center and a Hotel.
At present, the decoration of the Tourism Building and the Expo Center have entered an ending stage. Full acceptance is expected to be conducted by the end of the year. 
The hotel has entered the full acceptance period and is expected to start a trial operation in August. 
The Passenger Terminal Phase III project and the Tourism Convention and Exhibition Center have completed their main structure and start the decoration works. They are planned to be placed into operation in the second half of next year.