The city of Xiamen in Fujian province has made developing the green economy an economic priority, according to local authorities.
The coastal city has granted 25.12 million yuan ($3.77 million) of subsidies to 11 carefully-selected recycling projects and 52 energy saving and efficiency demonstration projects so far in 2017.
These green subsidies are helping many companies in Xiamen make important breakthroughs. One local water treatment company has reported that the funding has helped it make great technological achievements and apply for several patents.
Xiamen also gives subsidies to help key industrial companies improve their technology, expand their capacity, save energy and reduce their emissions.
Xiamen Three Circles Battery Co is one of the beneficiaries. It has achieved mercury-free production by upgrading its existing workshops, purchasing advanced and eco-friendly facilities and tesing test equipment.
Xiamen has also take proactive steps to upgrade local industry by tightening its requirements for companies applying to build on industrial land. This has ensured that only high-tech companies and leading companies in certain industries are able to develop major new facilities.
The city is currently focusing on strengthening its semiconductor industry and cultivating new industries related to big data.
The local government recently launched an Energy Conservation Week event in the hope of creating greater awareness of energy conservation and carbon reduction issues and promoting the idea of green and low-carbon development.
It has also enhanced its supervision of local companies, institutions and fixed investment projects to ensure they meet energy efficiency standards.
The city has made its energy efficiency assessments of fixed investment projects stricter. Local authorities have completed assessments for 15 energy efficiency projects so far, which together consume the equivalent of 1,000 tons of coal or over 5 million kWh of electricity.