On the afternoon of August 19th, the kick-off ceremony of 40 UNDER 40 Chinese Young Design Elite and Guangzhou Design Week’s The Better Life project was held at the Cross-Strait Cultural and Creative Park in Xiamen, Fujian Province.   
Siza Cham, a famous designer from Macao, made a keynote speech entitled Dimensional Design Strength. He said, “A good building is a combination of culture and life.” Afterwards, well-known designers Sun Shaochuan, Siza Cham, He Huawu, Fang Guoxi, and Taiwan brand marketing master Huang Xueyi, launched a heated discussion around the topic of bringing design into life, with the event’s participants. In addition to sharing their views, the designers also discussed and answered questions raised by guests on the spot.
The 40 UNDER 40 Fujian List is an annual list of the forty most distinguished young designers in Fujian. It publicises and commends forty pioneering under 40-year-old designers who have made outstanding achievements in the province. It also establishes a national promotional tour, special forums, special exhibitions, intercity travel and other communication system to expand the value and influence of the design industry through national networking.
The Better Life project, a part of Guangzhou Design Week, starts again after twelve years. It aims to deepen an aesthetic sensibility and promote industrial and brand development by concentrating on design aesthetics. The project covers the fields of curating, training, tours, brand development and so on. Through the development of its Good Art Courtyard, Design Trip and other training programmes and study activities it will implement public aesthetic education and help build a comprehensive path for design related careers.