A college student presents her design work at the 9th Cross-Straits (Xiamen) Cultural Industries Fair held in Xiamen, southeast China's Fujian province. [Photo/Xinhua]
The 10th Cross-Straits (Xiamen) Cultural Industries Fair is scheduled to be held at the International Exhibition Center in Xiamen, a port city in Southeast China's Fujian province, on Nov 3 to 6.
The fair, which is celebrating its tenth edition this year, shall have an exhibition area of 75,000 square meters with 3,400 booths, a huge leap forward when compared with the first edition of the fair in 2007, which had just 900 booths in a 20,000-square-meter space.
Nearly 2,000 cross-Straits companies, including 741 companies from Taiwan, are expected to participate in this year's fair, making it one of the biggest cross-Straits cultural expos on the Chinese mainland.
The exhibition area will be composed of four major sections.
The first of them is for handicraft works. As a key part of the fair, the handicraft works section occupies the majority of the exhibition area, about 32,000 square meters. It will feature a wide category of handicraft products ranging from ceramics to wood sculptures and jade sculptures.
The second section is for creative designs, such as industrial designs, art designs and packaging designs.
People visit the 9th Cross-Straits (Xiamen) Cultural Industries Fair held in Xiamen, southeast China's Fujian province. [Photo/Xinhua]
The fair shall also serve as a communication platform for designers, manufacturers, distributors and buyers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to exchange expertise and explore potential cooperation opportunities.
The third session, which focuses on digital content and media, might be another highlight of the fair.
Artificial Intelligence and excellent film products are set to be on display in this area.
The last session is a creative, cultural and tourism products exhibition area, showcasing tourism-related products and books.
A series of activities including Xiamen International Design Week, shall also be held on the sidelines of the fair.