1. Suggestions, questions, complaints or accusations for the government:

Xiamen’s development will be impossible without your wisdoms and contributions. To better hear your voices and solve the problems concerned, any valuable suggestion about the social and economic development of Xiamen is greatly welcomed. If you have any suggestion, question, complaint, accusation or request, please leave the comment at the “Mayor’s special line 968123” section and press “Submit”. 

Mayor’s Special Contacts: 0592-968123

Mayor’s Mailbox: http://www.xm968123.gov.cn


2. Contact the General Office of Xiamen Municipal People’s Government:

Office Address: West Building of Xiamen Municipal Government, No. 61 North Hubin Road, Xiamen

Postcode: 361018

On-duty Tel No.: 5052330, 2891333

Fax: 2891791


3. suggestions as to the improvement of our government website:

Pease leave your suggestions on our website here so that we can provide you with all-round information services.

Website Maintenance: Xiamen Information Center

Address: 5/F, Zhenye Building, No. 108 North Hubin Road, Xiamen

Postcode: 361012

Tel No. : 0592-2858786