(1). Exhibitor passes and booths are non-transferable. Any violation of this regulation will result in confiscation of the passes or the booths by CIFIT Organizing Committee.
(2). Before booth dismantling, exhibitors, esp. overseas exhibitor who need to dismantle their booths ahead of schedule or move exhibits out of the venue, should fill in Lest-Pass Note at the service counter of each exhibition hall, and then submit it to the Exhibition Affairs Team for approval. Other articles will not be allowed to exit until verified and approved by the service counter.
(3). Should any problems occur with water supply, illumination or communications at the exhibition venue, please contact the service counter, who will help resolve these problems.
(4). To keep the exhibition venue safe and in order, it is requested that all the exhibits be moved into the venue before the opening of CIFIT. After that, exhibitors will not be allowed to take exhibit into the venue unless specially approved by the Exhibition Affairs Team. Non-exhibitors are forbidden to take exhibits (including samples) into the venue for display or sale.
(5). All the exhibits at CIFIT are not for sale. In view of the fact that some exhibitors may have difficulty transporting back their exhibits, the Organizing Committee allows the exhibitors to sell their exhibits while displaying them during the last 2 days (September 10th-11th) of CIFIT. It is strictly prohibited to lease, sell or lend the booths to any other companies or individuals.
(6). It is prohibited to display articles irrelevant to CIFIT themes, or any fake or shoddy goods. Once found, they will be confiscated.
(7). Any exhibitor shall not display or sell samples that infringe on others’ trademark right or patent right, or quote prices and close a deal by using others’ trademark. Should there be any such violation, the exhibitor shall be responsible for the severe consequences thereby incurred. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to hold the exhibitor responsible for the violation.
(8).Please take care of the sample and belongings. It is suggested that valuables be locked up in exhibition cabinets and be attended by a specific staff. In case of loss or being stolen, please notify it to the Public Security Command Center at the exhibition venue in time. All the found articles should also be sent to the Security Department (Tel: 0592-5959169) or the Public Security Command Center (Tel: 0592-5959829) in time.
(9). Highly dangerous samples such as inflammables, explosives and radioactive articles will be denied entry to the exhibition venue. Please use substitutes or pictures instead.
(11). Vehicles that enter the square of the exhibition venue with a Vehicle Pass are subject to the command of the administrative staff. They must be driven along the designated routes and be parked at designated places.
(12). All the articles/exhibits shall enter and exit the exhibition venue via back doors of the venue.
(13). Vehicles to transport exhibits and related facilities into the exhibition venue will be denied entry unless approved by the authority of the venue, and must be guided by a specific working staff.
(14). Amplifier is not allowed to be used in the venue. If the volume is too loud, the Organizing Committee will cut off the power supply till deprive the exhibitors their booths

From: http://www.chinafair.org.cn/english/Exhibitor/Regulations.aspx