Posted by: trs_yang Posted date: 2015-12-06
  The 12th International Forum of Automotive Traffic Safety (INFATS) was held on December 4th and 5th in XMUT, co-hosted by XMUT and Fujian Motor Industry Group (FJMOTOR) assisted by Fujian Collaborative Innovation Center for Buses and Special Vehicles R&D and Fujian Key Laboratory of Advanced Bus Design and Manufacturing.


  Over 140 specialists and researchers attended the Forum from China and overseas to share information and ideas on the latest achievements and future prospect of vehicle and road safety. Among them were Wang Zhengguo, CAE academician,  Zhong Zhihua, CAE academician, Prof. Huang Hongwu, Director of Department of Education, Fujian, China, Prof. Robert Thomson of Swedish Chalmers University of Technology, Prof. Koji Mizuno of Nagoya University in Japan, Director Prof. Mark Robinson of NewRail at Newcastle University in UK, Prof. Adam Wittek of University of Western Australia, and 20 or so renowned experts from Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Hunan University, South China University of Technology, Third Military Medical University, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Geely Automobile Group and other well-known institutions in China. Keynote speeches and 58 presentations were made in the Forum and a collection will be published including 68 papers selected out of a 98 submitted to the Forum. 


  Road traffic casualty has been universally recognized as a threat to human security. The rapid growth of traffic volume and car ownership in China over the past decade has brought with it a sharp increase in traffic accidents and traffic accident-related casualties. Automobile safety technology has therefore been targeted for priority development in China where automobile as a backbone industry is driving the nation’s economy and technology forward. 


  Automobile safety is a complicated and complex study and practice that involves researches in multiple fields of study as vehicle engineering, traffic medicine, transportation engineering, law, insurance, sociology, psychology, education, etc. The 12th INFATS was organized by the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Vehicle Body, Hunan University, and effectively made into a good platform for exchange of discoveries and achievements on vehicle safety to accelerate the progress in its study.